1941 Mr. Shitagau Noguchi, President of Nippon Chisso Hiryo (Fertilizer) K.K., was authorized by the Minister of Education under Article 34 of the Civil Law to found The Noguchi Institute at his own expense of 25 million yen.
Establishment Date: February 10, 1941 Laboratories were established in Yokohama, Nobeoka and Hungnam, North Korea.
1946 The above facilities were moved to Itabashi, Tokyo (the current location).
1948 The Supporting Membership System was established. The Investigation Department started in Kanda, Tokyo.
1956 Fund-raising campaign was conducted to increase basic assets of the Foundation. The total amount of about 300 million yen was contributed by 83 corporations.
1962 The Noguchi Information Center was set up.
1969 The Noguchi Information Center was reorganized into the Investigation Department.
1985 Finances were improved by selling stocks and purchasing national bonds, local bonds, debentures and loan funds.
1991 The 50th anniversary of establishment.
1994 The Investigation Department was closed.
2001 The 60th anniversary of establishment.
2010 The Noguchi Institute was authorized as the Public interest Incorporated Foundation based on the new Japanese law.
2011 The 70th anniversary of establishment.

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