The Noguchi Institute was established in 1941 through a private donation from Mr. Shitagau Noguchi, the original founder of Nippon Chisso Hiryo (Fertilizer) K.K. The purpose of the establishment, as declared in our prospectus, is “to contribute to the development of the chemical industry by conducting various researches and investigations, assisting in a wide range of important research projects, educating and training researchers, and industrializing inventions.” We have been fulfilling this purpose for over 70 years since the establishment of the Institute.
Our current research activities are focused on the following two fields. One is the study of glycobiology, and another is the study of catalyst chemistry.

Study of Glycobiology
This research is conducted by the following three research units.
a) Laboratory of Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry
b) Laboratory of Glyco-organic Chemistry
c) Laboratory of Glycobiology
This research originated from our post WWII study of utilization of renewable wood resources, such as cellulose. With the experience and technologies resulting from the study, we have continued researches into the organic synthesis and structural analysis of bioactive carbohydrates and glycoconjugates.
The recent remarkable development in bioscience has clarified that glycoconjugates play important roles in life system.
This encourages us to devote our energies to the researches into glycobiology, which will contribute to elucidation and medical utilization of the functions of glycoconjugates involved in intercellular communications such as cell differentiation, cancer metastasis, viral/bacterial infection, and so on.

Study of Catalyst Materials
This study is aimed at green & sustainable chemistry to solve various important problems in the environment, energy and resources. Environmentally benign technologies relating to catalytic synthesis of functional materials from biomass compounds ,and developing processes using fluorous catalysts are being researched by the following two research units.
d) Laboratory of Catalyst Materials Group I
e) Laboratory of Catalyst Materials Group II
While keeping the purpose of the establishment declared by Mr. Shitagau Noguchi in mind, we are trying to set our research targets to meet the needs of the times. In addition, we endeavor to maintain a “Dreams and Originality” approach at all times.

Some of our researches are done in collaborations with external academic and industrial organizations. We consider these collaborations more important nowadays when scientific development needs combinations of technologies in different fields.
Therefore, any offer of collaborations to utilize our technologies will be welcome.

President President Hiroshi Kobayashi
The Noguchi Institute
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