About the Founder

1873 Born on July 26 in Kanazawa City.
1896 Graduated from the Tokyo Imperial University. Commenced employment at Koriyama Dento (Koriyama Electric Light) Corporation as a chief engineer.
1898 Entered the Tokyo Branch of Siemens K.K. Conducted carbide research.
1903 Produced carbide in Japan for the first time.
1906 Founded Sogi Denki (Sogi Electric), which generated hydraulic power using the Sogi Falls in Kagoshima prefecture.
1908 Founded Nippon Carbide Company and constructed factories at Minamata.
Merged Sogi Denki and Nippon Carbide Company, into the new company, Nippon Chisso Hiryo (currently Chisso Corporation).
1921 Constructed the world's first Casale process ammonia plant at Nobeoka.
1925 Initiated hydraulic power production (200,000 kW) at Bujeon Gang in North Korea, which was followed by the constructions on the Chong-Chon River (330,000 kW) and the Ho-Chong River (340,000 kW), and the construction of the Sup'ung power station (700,000 kW) on the main stream of the Yalu river.
1929 Founded Japan Bemberg Fiber Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Kasei Corporation)
1941 Donated all of his own assets, a total of 30 million yen, 25 million yen for establishment of the Noguchi Institute and 5 million yen for the Korean Scholarship Foundation.
1942 Received the First Class Order of the Sacred Treasure.
1944 Died on January 15 at the age of 72.

Brief Summary of Mr.Shitagau Noguchi's Career

Mr. Shitagau Noguchi is known as a great entrepreneur who started as an engineer and succeeded in establishing the Nippon Chisso Hiryo (Fertilizer) K.K. One of his main achievements was the construction of hydroelectric power plants with total electric power generation of 2 million kW, which was equivalent to that of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) development initiated by President Roosevelt in the US, and chemical complexes which utilized the power from the plants.
This achievement, which was due almost to his sole efforts, was reported to be a miracle in the foreign media.
He donated his own assets, 30 million yen (equivalent to 30 billion yen today), to found "The Noguchi Institute" and the "Korean Scholarship Foundation".
These actions will always remain in our memories as a symbol of his unique and great personality.

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